GoldenTonewood is a dynamic company dedicated to supplying products of the highest quality standards, along with a desire for continuous improvement and it has become a leading company in the sector by distributing its products around the world. Our mission is to supply the music manufacturing industry and any person or entity that builds musical instruments.

The office is located in region on Transilvania-Romania from where we deliver our products to more than 37 countries. Transilvania is known for the second longest mountain range in Europe and scenic beauty of its Carpathian landscape GoldenTonewood collaborate with a local sawmills that cuts over 1,8 million board ft a year, in a good year, 1,200Bd ft of that wood is curly maple and only a part of that makes its way to this store. That tells how rare Flamed Maple is, the only advantage is that Romania is likewise home to the largest surface of virgin forests in Europe. Figured hardwoods are extremely rare, occurring only 2% of trees.

We are specialize in cutting and selling wood (Flamed Maple, Eyebird Maple, Shell Maple, Maple, Flamed Ash and Spruce) for musical instruments, so this website will be updated frequently with new inventory, so you can check back. Our regard to the importance of the raw material encourages us to strive for quality.

The value of our products is the result of a maximized efficiency in both the fabrication and adequate treatment of wood. Promoting sustainable forest management and supporting forest certification as a guarantee for the consumer.

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